Medics, doctors: woman's 38JJ breasts saved her life in car crash

The 28-year-old was hit so hard by a speeding car that only her natural 'airbags' kept her from being killed

PONTEFRACT, England — Medics and doctors told Sarah Foster, 28, that her breasts, size 38JJ, which smashed the windshield of Mini Copper that struck her as she stood on the side of the road, helped her avoid death or serious injury.

Medics compared her breasts to “airbags” and said they saved her, reported the Sun.  

“While I was in my hospital bed, the paramedic who treated me on the scene told me I was really lucky to be alive,” Forster said. “And that I should be grateful for my airbags. That was the word she used.”

In a video interview about the incident, Foster said, “Another (doctor) said, ‘Your shoes have been blown off, your clothes have been blown off. We don’t know how you are here.’ “I asked, ‘What saved me?’ They said my boobs bounced me off the windscreen.”

Foster had pulled off the road to have a cigarette and make a phone call. Her spouse, Marie, and two children waited for her in the car. Foster reports turning around and seeing a Mini Cooper slam into the highway median and catapult towards her.

Foster recalls seeing the airbags inside the car deploy and being flung forward onto the car’s windshield face and breasts first. Forster bounced off the car, somersaulted over the Mini Cooper and into the road, which continued out of control before hitting a tree.

“I hit the windscreen and heard the smash. My boobs hit it so hard it just smashed,” Foster said.

The impact knocked Foster unconscious and ripped off her clothes from the waist down. Marie dragged her from the road and called an ambulance. At the hospital her only injuries were bruising, minor scrapes and lacerations, and knee ligament damage.

“The doctors told me that if I wasn’t so big-chested I probably would have been dead and that my boobs saved my life,” Foster said.

“When they said that to me I said, ‘I’m never getting rid of them. They are staying.'”

Foster had been considering a breast reduction, but has now vowed to never shrink them.

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