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Pulsara expands free Pulsara ONE package functionality to include all referring healthcare organizations

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BOZEMAN, Mont. — The healthcare communication platform company, Pulsara, announced today that they are expanding their Pulsara ONE package, and that it will now be offered at no cost to all referring facilities. Effective immediately, Pulsara ONE enables live streaming video, consult, and transfer capabilities for any referring facilities, including EMS organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, rehab centers, and urgent care facilities among others. The expansion of Pulsara ONE is an effort to further realize the company’s mission to unite and empower people to improve health by simplifying care coordination.

“A patient’s care team is often made up of clinicians who don’t belong to a single organization. Time sensitive emergencies, EMS transports, and inter-facility consultations and transfers are good illustrations of this fact,” said Pulsara Founder and CEO, Dr. James Woodson. “To most effectively coordinate care and reduce treatment times and operational costs, we must have a single communication solution which enables clinicians to dynamically build a patient’s care team and include EMS and referring facilities.”

Pulsara is a healthcare communication platform that connects teams across organizations. What makes Pulsara unique is its ability to enable networked communications across organizations for any illness or injury. With Pulsara, clinicians can add a new organization, team, or specialist to any patient event, dynamically building a care team even as the patient condition and location are constantly changing.

The Pulsara ONE package has always been free for both EMS teams and the hospital’s emergency department for notification of an inbound ambulance. Historically, the package has enabled these teams to communicate using audio calls and clips, images, team messaging, and data. Pulsara ONE now includes live video streaming and can be consumed for free by any organization that refers a patient to another facility, allowing teams to quickly consult with other clinicians and transfer the patient if necessary.

“Most communication between multiple healthcare organizations is achieved using radios, phones, fax machines, and limited telemedicine solutions — none of which are interoperable with each other,” said Erich Hannan, Chief Technology Officer. “Pulsara’s networked communications enable a ‘shared consciousness’ across organizations from every stage of the patient journey, reducing miscommunication and medical errors while enabling organizations to better manage their scarce financial, diagnostic, and personnel resources and ultimately to improve patient outcomes.”

Pulsara ONE simplifies the process of building a hospital’s referral network by allowing all referring organizations to join their network of organizations and providers at no charge. For example, a stroke, pediatric, trauma, or burn center can receive referrals from an unlimited number of Pulsara ONE organizations and leverage secure video calls, photos, and messaging to manage the consultation and interfacility logistics.

Currently, some facilities across the United States are leveraging Pulsara to manage COVID-19 and the influx of patients they are experiencing. “As hospitals become overwhelmed with patient volume, inter-organization communication with live video has NEVER been more important,” said Dale Pearson, President of Pulsara. “With Pulsara ONE, receiving hospitals can now consult with any outlying facility to keep people who don’t need to be in the hospitals outside of the acute care system AND limit direct provider contact.”

Organizations interested in Pulsara ONE can sign up for free right here:


Pulsara is a healthcare communication platform that connects teams across organizations. What makes Pulsara so unique is that we enable networked communication across the entire care team for any patient event — even if the care team is across multiple organizations. The Pulsara platform unites the right clinicians at the right time for the right patient -- providing transparency and streamlined communication. Simply CREATE a dedicated patient channel. BUILD the team. And, COMMUNICATE using audio, video, instant messaging, data, images, and key benchmarks. Studies report an average decreased treatment time of nearly 30% when using Pulsara. Pulsara is the evidence-based standard of care. For more information, visit