FAST1 No Longer Requires Remover Tool

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Vancouver, BCPyng Medical is proud to announce that its award-winning Fast1 Intraosseous Infusion System no longer requires a remover tool.  The new Fast1 is removed simply by grasping the new, blue-tipped infusion tube and firmly pulling. The product upgrade was made in response to feedback from Fast1 users based on their experiences in the field.

“Through Pyng’s ongoing commitment to technology innovation, we’ve made use of  our market-leading Fast1 Intraosseous Infusion System even more simple. We look forward to showcasing further developments in our next generation product at leading industry events later this year,” said David Christie, President and CEO.

Fast1 is the most rapid, reliable and safe alternative to conventional IV infusion, providing lifesaving vascular access for fluid and drug resuscitation in shock and trauma victims. With its unique sternal site, Fast1 insertion is complete within 10 seconds and drugs reach the patient’s heart in less than 20 seconds. The insertion location high on the torso allows effective emergency treatment, including continuous chest compressions, from a single location near the patient’s head. Designed as a single use device, Fast1 ensures no risk of cross-contamination.

The new Fast1 is now available worldwide. Offering the same simple-to-use insertion procedure, dependable 95% insertion success rate, and delivery of drugs and fluids to the heart in less than 30 seconds, Fast1 now includes a simple removal procedure: no tool, no steps – just grasp the re-engineered blue-tipped infusion tube and firmly pull.

About Pyng Medical Corp.
Pyng Medical Corp. is the developer and manufacturer of the proprietary, award-winning Fast1Intraosseous Infusion System. Pyng has received the exclusive 2008 Medical Device Company of the Year Award from LifeSciences British Columbia for its sustained achievements in commercializing Fast1. With expanding markets in North America, Europe and Asia, Fast1 has worldwide application for use with hospitals, emergency medical services and military forces.

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