Testimonials from Owners of the WANTYNU Oxygen Wrench

Read some of the testimonials from owners of the WANTYNU Oxygen Wrench:

"Originally I purchased the TK 2 for myself and my husband. Once my co-workers saw it everyone wanted one. Again this year I have ordered a couple as holiday gifts. This is the best and most durable wrench I have ever purchased. It makes a great key ring too! I have made this the key ring for my on duty keys & have needed to use it on several occasions.

Working on an ambulance you occasionally find yourself in a bind without an oxygen wrench, not anymore thanks to you I have one all the time.

The best part is it is small enough yet durable enough to fit in my pants pocket and not break!

I love your wrench!"

Capt. Joanne S.
Ansonia Rescue Medical Services
Ansonia, CT


"Great little wrenches, I bought one for each job with other medics wanting to know where to purchase them."

L. Shore EMT-P, PA.

"I am the Recruitment-Retention Team Leader for the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. A couple months ago I ordered six of your TK2 oxygen wrenches to use as retention gifts to acknowledge volunteer performance. I keep one of the wrenches with carabineer on my belt and have used it a number of times. I like the comfortable grip and greater leverage thus avoiding stressing the oxygen tank valve and thumb screw.

I gave one to our equipment sergeant to use and now he wants to place an order for additional wrenches to be placed in each oxygen bag on our seven ambulances and heavy squad."

Bobby H.
Recruitment-Retention Team Leader
Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad
Virginia Beach, VA

"The Wantynu oxygen is the best EMS tool created! It’s incredibly strong and very light. No other O2 key compares! Metal keys chip and bend after time and plastics and nylons break after a couple of tough rusty valve. Being that it is offered in many colors and is small unlike the usual keys EMS uses, makes it a very attractive tool."

William C.
Bronx, New York



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