Full featured transport ventilator in a very small package

With extended battery life and easy to use controls, this unit makes CCT easier

Covidien was at EMS Today displaying the Newport HT70 Plus ventilator.  It is a full-featured Critical Care Transport Ventilator with a lot to offer specialized transport teams.

The color touch screen controls are intuitive and easy to use. Transport nurses or RT’s can easily find all their familiar modes of operation. The Newport HT70 Plus offers a choice of flow or pressure triggering to meet the needs of patients from 5Kg on up.

One thing I really like are all the visual confirmations. It has a cool inspiratory phase light. Sometimes in the back of an ambulance it is hard to hear. The visual confirmation of all active parameters of ventilation just makes sense in a transport environment. The HT70 Plus also 360-degree alarm lamps in the handle that are visible no matter where you are working.

Easy to read display is one hallmark of the Newport HT70 Plus ventilator.
Easy to read display is one hallmark of the Newport HT70 Plus ventilator.

The HT70 Plus even has a oxygen use calculator and battery time estimator. At all times you know exactly how long you can go before switching a tank or battery. Even better is the impressive 10-hour battery life. The batteries are even hot swappable.

The HT70 even has a built in micro-piston air pump so you won’t need a separate tank of air or external compressor. It uses room air and a built in blender with an oxygen sensor to deliver precise concentrations.

For CCT Medics the Newport HT70+ offers an impressive range of features for some of your sickest patients. It should help make managing them a lot easier by integrating a control interface familiar to acute care clinicians into a mobile transport platform.

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