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Union Springs Launches ExtendaClyns™ - a Novel Hand Sanitizer and First Aid Antiseptic

A non-alcohol and long-lasting product, ExtendaClyns expands the Clyns Brands™ Line

Erlanger, KY — Kentucky-based Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, makers of the breakthrough non-alcohol germ protection spray, MyClyns®, today launches its newest product, ExtendaClyns™, a convenient, cost-effective, non-alcohol foam that is both a broad-spectrum hand sanitizer and a powerful first aid antiseptic.

ExtendaClyns kills 99.9% germs that can cause infection and disease. The product works in as little as 15 seconds and provides a long-lasting effect for hours after it has been applied to the skin. In addition, since it does not contain alcohol, ExtendaClyns is especially safe for first responders, corrections workers, government and military personnel, and all consumers who are threatened by the flammability and toxicity of alcohol-based sanitizers.

ExtendaClyns also contains a moisturizer that promotes smooth, chapped-free skin. The safe, skin-friendly formula decreases the skin’s susceptibility to infection from cracked, dry skin that tends to develop with alcohol-based products.

The dual indication of ExtendaClyns as both a hand sanitizer and as a first aid antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes makes it a unique and desirable product for all that need reliable infection control products every day.

“Because of its long-lasting effect and the foam dispenser that uses about 1/3 of the amount of active ingredient as a liquid or gel, ExtendaClyns is a cost-effective infection control solution,” Union Springs Pharmaceuticals President Joel Ivers said. “Since ExtendaClyns is a both a hand sanitizer and a first aid antiseptic, it also provides unmatched protection and a better value for professionals and consumers alike.”

Union Springs Pharmaceuticals will focus its efforts to sell ExtendaClyns in several of its key markets including law enforcement, fire, EMS, corrections, homeland security, military and government operations, but will make the product available to all consumers on its website and other retail outlets.

ExtendaClyns is available as a 50ml foamer and in twenty-four unit cases.

ExtendaClyns is the latest addition to Union Spring’s Clyns Brands™ line of innovative germ defense products that includes its flagship personal protection spray, MyClyns, which is safe to spray in the eyes, mouth, and nose, and its unique, comfortable N-95 disposable respirator, ViralClyns™, that contains an EPA-approved antimicrobial for extra protection. ExtendaClyns, as well as all other Union Springs Pharmaceutical’s products, can be purchased by calling 1-877-Go-Clyns or online at Additionally, Clyns Brands products are available through several industry distributors.