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Novum Concepts renamed EMS Relay

DENVER, CO -- Novum Concepts, Inc., the Company sending critical data from the ambulance to the hospital, today announced that the Company will change its name to EMS Relay Inc. EMS Relay connects the EMS agencies to the hospital via a mobile device that sends data/image/video to a device in the emergency room of a hospital. This can include EKG’s, injuries, car accidents, strokes and even registration information. Hospital staff is able to prepare more thoroughly for the incoming patient, saving the industry time and money.

CEO John Woody said, “The new name articulates our singular goal, which is to efficiently connect EMS agencies with hospital ER staff. The branding change also serves a milestone of sorts, where we are expanding beyond a regional presence and introducing the company nationally.”

Mike Kobneck, COO, said he founded the company because “getting valuable data from the field to the emergency room is limited and subjective for today’s pre-hospital providers. This lack of quality communication prevents the emergency room from preparing as accurately as possible. Not only does this delay patient care, but also translates into to lost revenue from a variety of sources.”

The Company rebranding includes its website ( and an upgraded version of the product for both IOS and Android.