REX Rapid EXtraction indroduces RexONE first responder backpack stretcher

Glendora, CA - September 2016 - REX Rapid Extraction introduces the RexONE™ First Responder Backpack Mobile Stretcher - A tri-fold backpack stretcher for the rapid extraction of patients by a single responder. Safely move more patients faster with the RexONE™ Rapid Extraction system. Developed by emergency responders for First Responders, the state-of-the-art RexONE™ is the fastest and safest patient extraction device available. It can mean the difference between life and death in any emergency, especially tragic situations involving multiple patients.

Completely portable, the RexONE™ mobile stretcher can be carried as a backpack in folded position and can be folded and hung on the wall ready for quick deployment. The backpack bag, wall mount and cover are provided by the manufacturer. Also RexONE™ includes accessories to support I.V. Pole and Bio-Isolation Critical Care systems/units which can attach to the mobile stretcher and will not interfere with transporting patients. A telescoping adjustable handle bar accommodates a 6'4" tall person (193 cm) to ensure good ergonomics. The mobile stretcher can be towed behind a bicycle or cart. The RexONE™ is lightweight, made of high grade aluminum construction, and made with materials that can be cleaned and disinfected to be able to return it back to service after use. The RexONE™ is very agile. It maneuvers with a 360* radius within a single turn and move rapidly through narrow passages and down stairwells with minimum exertion by response personnel providing control over the mobile stretcher while going down stairwells (e.g. large wheels and extendable upper control handle). Also, the unit can support a single patient weighing up to 400lbs. It also meets emergency response guidelines established to support the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The RexONE™ mobile stretcher folds/articulates in multiple angles (minimum three angles) at both chest and leg junctures to accommodate various body positions and injuries transport requirements. In different terrains, the unit offers interchangeable tires to accommodate multiple surfaces and building conditions. The RexONE™ carries a 5-year warranty on defects of materials and workmanship.

For law enforcement, the RexONE™ allows LEOs to transport patients with a single responder, versus the traditional requirement of the two/four man-team deployment. This frees up the critically needed man power and exponentially increased response time. The REX EMS teams continue to partner with the law enforcement community to provide REX units during their training exercises, such as Active Shooter and Mass Casualty events. It is imperative that Tactical medics limit their exposure to the active shooters or other possible threats so must quickly move in and out the scene to extract victims, while protecting their own physical wellbeing. There are more than 17,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States, ranging in size from one officer to more than 30,000. The most visible and those with current partnerships with REX EMS are Police/SWAT teams, Highway Patrol, and Sheriffs.

Fire/Rescue and EMS operate at the crossroads between health care, public health and public safety. Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, ground and air ambulances, search & rescue teams, disaster trailers, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), wildland rescues, and fire departments in the past have used stretchers and gurneys to move patient to safety and transport. The rapid extraction of patients from an accident or trauma scene is often the most critical part of an emergency, but it’s an area that is frequently overlooked in emergency planning. Having RexONE™ on site can mean the difference between life and death when every second counts. With one device, one responder can quickly reach a patient and move that person to safety. Backboards and stretchers require multiple responders to move each patients and are hard to move through crowds or on rugged terrain.

Immediate wilderness rescue for hunters and outdoorsman in remote areas can save lives. Move patients from remote areas with a narrow footprint and single responder instead of six. Fire, police, schools, and the military are starting to see the RexONE™ as the standard for emergency response. Organizations that house many people, from large corporations to hospitals and schools, should have the compact, state-of-the-art RexONE™ units on site.

About Rex EMS - Rex EMS, LLC is based in Glendora, CA. Our mission is to design, develop, and manufacture products that enable Emergency Responders to safely and efficiently move casualties during an emergency. From inception, REX EMS has been committed to exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing. REX EMS will neither compromise on its product quality nor it’s exceptional production requirements. The lives of victims and patients, and the health and safety of the responder are dependent on the quality and reliability of the REX.

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