R-CAT Window speeds EKG interpretation

When paramedics use piece of paper as baseline for looking at ST changes, they obscure half of each complex

Rapid identification of EKG rhythms and 12-lead changes can lead to better treatment, reduced critical errors and improved patient outcomes.

The R-CAT Window is a flexible, waterproof 3.25-by-6.75-inch plastic card with a reversible see-through baseline window. This innovative and inexpensive tool for speeding EKG interpretation can easily fit in your pocket.

The R-CAT can be used for both EKG rhythm strips and 12-lead EKG analyses. It helps you quickly evaluate heart rate, PR, QRS, QT intervals, significant Q-waves and heart blocks.

When paramedics use a piece of paper as a baseline for looking at ST changes, they obscure half of each complex. The R-CAT permits appreciation of the entire EKG.

The heart rate line feature can be placed on an R-wave so the R-R interval can be measured instantly. The R-CAT  also has a time-in-seconds line for measuring cardiac intervals.

The calibrated red box tool feature measures PR, QRS and QT intervals. They can also help you quickly identify heart blocks. These measuring tools are much faster than calipers and more accurate than calculating using a piece of paper and a pencil. 

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