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Limmer Creative App EMT PASS™ Changes the Way Students Prepare for National Certification Exam

With the release of its 20th app, Limmer Creative publishes EMT PASS™, an EMT exam prep app with features that change the playing field for apps in the public safety and allied health markets. This revolutionary exam preparation tool breaks new ground in both content and functionality.

EMT PASS™ content was created by William E. Brown, Jr., former Executive Director of the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT). Bill’s 28 years at the NREMT makes him uniquely qualified to create an app that prepares students for an exam which has an approximately 68% pass rate for the first attempt. The app contains 960 original questions designed to closely simulate the national certification examination.

“Entry-level competency is the initial goal of EMS education and certification. I’ve done my best both in test question development and within the audio briefings to measure student competency and take them beyond entry-level to improve success on the exam as well as in their EMT practice,” says Brown.

“The EMT PASS™ app brings many unique features to the market,” notes Limmer Creative CEO Stephanie Limmer. “The most noteworthy feature is the fact that this is a structured exam preparation system.”

Divided into three sections, students are able to study for the first and second halves of their course as well as take simulated national examinations at the end of their course.. Students must actually “pass” each section to move on and unlock the next section. When students receive a score for an exam they get detailed audio feedback on what the score means to them.

“These audio features really make this product unique,” comments Limmer. “Over 20 hours of audio files include Bill Brown’s no-nonsense rationales discussing why the correct answer is correct and why the other answers are wrong, as well as tips on question interpretation and clinical issues. This combination of high quality test questions with audio rationales support users regardless of learning style or reading ability, and isn’t available anywhere else in the market.”

The app is available in both web and mobile formats. Using a new server-based delivery system, students may use the mobile version before class and then when they return home, use the web-based version to find all of their prior work synchronized seamlessly. The server-based approach also helps users manage audio files. Users can choose either to stream or download audio files. This is very important for students with limited space on their devices or those concerned about bandwidth issues.

Another benefit of this server-based app is that app revisions necessary due to changes in science or scope of practice are instantly reflected on the user’s device.

“This is our flagship app,” says Limmer Creative Founder Dan Limmer. “We are honored to be working with Bill Brown to deliver the best content and technology to help students succeed.”