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FISDAP’s PRE 4 Now Available for Free Pilot Testing

Saint Paul, MN -- We are excited to announce the release of the Paramedic Readiness Exam 4 (PRE 4) for pilot testing. This exam has gone through Fisdap’s content validation phase and is now ready for your students’ attempts. Your participation is critical to validating this exam, so pilot tests are free for your students. Instructors can schedule this exam in the Test Scheduler tool--look at the bottom of the test drop down menu options for “Pilot Exams.”

This new comprehensive exam (PRE 4) reflects the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines and the new Education Standards. The PRE 4 contains 200 multiple choice items and covers the 6 content areas from the NREMT’s 2009 National EMS Practice Analysis.

Participation in pilot testing is a great opportunity to give students additional exposure to critical thinking items, but we don’t provide cut scores or Learning Prescriptions during pilot testing.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Bowen, Test Developer/Item Bank Manager at 651-783-5680, Ext. 120 or

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