CentreLearn Exhibit Draws Large Crowds at NY State Fire Chiefs Show

Chiefs looking for new and efficient training methods

Shrewsbury, PA — CentreLearn Solutions LLC representatives had the great opportunity to meet many New York State Fire and EMS Providers at the NY State Fire Chiefs show in Verona, NY. One of the themes they kept hearing over and over again from the trade show attendees was “We’re so tired of the same old classes and training methods that we’ve been doing every year for years. We’re looking for something new.”

CentreLearn is just what so many of them were looking for to add diversity and ease to their current training methods. After showing them our full list of over 200 ALS & BLS CECBEMS approved courses, as well as our Safety and Health and Fire courses, they were more than ecstatic to learn more. Call or email CentreLearn for a full list of courses or visit http://tinyurl.com/CentreLearnCourses.

CentreLearn has 10 new lessons coming this month alone and will be adding many more elearning courses prepared by Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC (EPS). To date EPS has contributed more than 125 CE lessons that are flash movies, with interactive content, and professional audio narration.

CentreLearn is also adding new system features to its Learning Management System to meet the needs and requests of our customers. To learn more, contact us today for your own personal web demonstration of CentreLearn!

CentreLearn offers full service internet training and distribution solutions to EMS and fire departments of all sizes. Organizational members have unlimited access to all the ALS and BLS CE lessons, ability to customize content production, and the ability to track user progress. Individual user accounts feature access to online discussion boards, document storage, and testing and feedback tools. To learn more visit www.centrelearn.com or call 877-435-9309.

Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC is the leading provider of learning content to CentreLearn. Clients partner with the EPS team of experts to design and produce online training programs, from a one hour CE lesson to an entire emergency responder training course. To learn more visit www.eps411.com or call 715-321-1800.

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