See What EMS Providers have to say about the ArrestPAC Emergency Resuscitation Pack

ArrestPAC is a new solution, but already helping cardiac arrest patients in several emergency medicine organizations:

"The ArrestPac provides a simple and effective approach to care for cardiac arrest patients by streamlining equipment, training tools, and research in one easy-to-use bag."
— Greg Kerola, Allina Learning & Development, Minneapolis, MN

"The scene of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is often times chaotic due to many unpredictable factors. ArrestPAC is methodically organized to assist EMS clinicians to deliver consistent, high-quality care to cardiac arrest patients no matter the circumstances. As a treatment tool, ArrestPAC helps clinicians manage cardiac arrests with the confidence and professionalism so important to see by family members and bystanders."
— Dawn Rolling, City of Woodbury EMS Education Coordinator, Woodbury, MN

"ArrestPAC is a great tool in the ED/Urgent Care setting because of it's ease of transport. It can be brought into any room and provides all meds needed for the first 20 minutes of a code situation.

Airway support is also included in the kit, and the ability to access the medications and airway supplies quickly is the biggest benefit. The time saved not scrambling for equipment and medications can be used in saving the patient.

The included references provide staff with all necessary medication guides and ACLS protocols needed. Personally, I would like to see this used throughout the hospital. "
— Ann Rudd, Allina Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN

"What the Brosleow tape does for improving your performance on pediatric arrests, the ArrestPAC does for managing an adult arrest."
— Jim L.

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