Act Fast Med Poises Company for Continued Global Growth

Act+Fast Medical has recently authorized distributors worldwide to carry their products in an effort to make their Anti Choking Trainer more accessible. American distribution companies include American 3B Scientific, Armstrong Medical Industries and Emergency Medical Products. Companies signed on in the European market include Safety Tec of Ireland, from the United Kingdom and Ludgren Creative of Sweden. Asian distributors are located in Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. Companies in Canada, Latin America and Mexico have also signed on to sell the Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer.

” In a year’s time we’ve sold our trainers in 40 states and 30 countries,” said Dr. Tim Adams, Act+Fast founder and President. “Signing on these distributors will enable us to streamline our sales operations and introduce our product to a wider market.”

These distribution companies cater to a diverse clientele that include schools, EMTs and Paramedics, hospitals and CPR instructors. As a veteran owned business, Act Fast has extended its reach to the military selling to both state and federal government agencies. Anti Choking Trainers have received rave reviews from EMS trainers from Fort Dietrich and Fort Sam Houston, and have received an enthusiastic reception at this year’s U. S. Army EMS Educators’ Symposium in San Antonio.

Introduced into the sales market both nationally and internationally only a year ago, the Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer has rapidly become known as one of the most innovative CPR training products of 2009. It has been celebrated by the editors of as one of five “Cream of the Crop” Best Tech Innovations of 2009. And has also gained the notice of editors of The Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEMS), who included the Anti Choking Trainer on their 2009 “Hot Products” list.

The Anti Choking Trainer’s design is simple yet effective. It is a lightweight neoprene vest worn by students that allows teaching of the abdominal thrust maneuver in a variety of realistic scenarios. When correct hand placement and technique are used, a soft foam plug shoots dramatically from the trainer, instantly providing a strong visual feedback that students will never forget.

The consensus among instructors is that the vest not only makes teaching easy, it makes CPR class fun for the first time.  The Trainer is also very durable and washable.  It comes complete with a removable instruction card that can be placed in a clear plastic pocket on the back of the vest to aid in teaching the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver.  The instruction card will be available in several languages in addition to the standard English, and allows for replacement with different protocols and updates as they are made available.

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