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Wis. FF-medic recognized for saving infant off duty

Oak Creek Firefighter-Paramedic Michael Wargolet stopped on the side of the road to perform CPR on the three-month-old


By Laura French

OAK CREEK, Wis. — A Wisconsin firefighter-paramedic was recently recognized for saving the life of a three-month-old infant while off duty last month.

Oak Creek Firefighter-Paramedic Michael Wargolet was driving home from Illinois after coaching a youth hockey tournament when he spotted a man waving for help on the side of the road, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. When he stopped, he found a woman holding a baby who was not breathing and had no pulse.

Wargolet said he performed CPR for about two minutes before the baby began breathing again and crying. Libertyville firefighters then transported the boy to the hospital, and he has since recovered and been released.

The firefighter-medic was formally recognized for his actions last Friday.

The Oak Creek Fire Department said in a statement that the incident shows the importance of early bystander CPR.

“It is our hope that events such as this one encourage others to learn CPR so that they are willing to step forward in a time of need,” the department statement said.

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