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On-demand webinar: Navigating a path to career satisfaction

Ward off burnout and turnover by increasing career resiliency and opportunity

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Topic: Career satisfaction, avoiding burnout

Presenters: Carly Alley; Michael Fraley, BS, BA, NRP; and John (JP) Peterson, MS, MBA

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About the digital event

The EMS Burnout Repair Kit series, presented by EMS1 and Zoll, equipes individuals at all levels in EMS with tools for dealing with the primary sources of burnout, helping them emerge as better, happier providers and more complete people.

In this installment, a panel comprised of individuals representing different career paths in EMS and leaders from progressive agencies discussed resources for career advancement and resiliency, how to find the path that is right for you, and how agencies can support providers in advancing their careers.

Feedback on ‘Navigating a path to career satisfaction’

When asked, “What did you enjoy most about this event?,” here’s what attendees had to say:

“These leaders are obviously hard-working, motivated and very smart. They all paid the toll to get where they are today and where they will be next.”

“Personal stories relating to career satisfaction.”

“The different pathways each took to achieve their success. Also, to hear that others have been where I am now, there is hope.”

“Ideas on how to make the most of your career.”

Meet the panelists


Carly Alley

Carly Alley is the executive director for Riggs Ambulance Service in Merced, California. Earlier in her career, Alley served as a firefighter-EMT in the U.S. Forest Service while earning her paramedic certification.

After being hired by Riggs, she transitioned to the agency’s tactical EMS program, where she spent 10 years as the team leader before moving into administration.

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Michael Fraley, BS, BA, NRP

Michael Fraley has over 25 years of experience in EMS in a wide range of roles, including flight paramedic, EMS coordinator, service director and educator.

Fraley began his career in EMS while earning a bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University. he also earned a BA in business administration from Lakeland College.

When not working as a paramedic or the coordinator of a regional trauam advisory council, Michael serves as a public safety driver and SCUBA instructor in northern Wisconsin.


John (JP) Peterson, MS, MBA

JP Peterson is the newly appointed executive director at Mecklenburg EMS Agency (MEDIC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. He started his career as an EMT in Chicago in 2000 and most recently served as vice president of Florida operations for PatientCare EMS Solutions.

He is licensed as a paramedic in Florida and North Carolina, and holds National Board Certification as an occupational therapist. He has completed Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and is a graduate of the American Ambulance Association, Ambulance Service Manager Course. JP received the Pinellas County Commissioner, John Morroni Award for first responders in 2013. JP is a past president of the Florida Ambulance Association. He is a member of the North Carolina of EMS Administrators as well as the AAA Bylaws, Professional Standards and Ethics committees.

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