GeoComm Participates in NENA’s Industry Collaboration Event 4

St. Cloud, MN — GeoLynx Spatial Router, GeoComm’s ECRF/LVF, was tested during the week long NENA Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) 4.

NENA held the Industry Collaboration Event #4 (ICE 4) in Irving, Texas at the AT&T Center for Learning the week of 11/14/11. The focus of the event was emergency call routing based on the LoST hierarchy. This is the core function required to assure reliable and predictable emergency call routing and location validation regardless of the media type or device being used to place a call. The largest and most complex ICE event ever undertaken, it culminated in a successful multi-vendor testing process, resulting in heightened awareness and recognition of the requirements necessary for interoperable call routing. The twenty-two companies involved evaluated multi-vendor interaction between Emergency Call Routing Functions and also included the following functional entities:

• Emergency Services Routing Proxies
• Location Validation Functions
• Location Information Servers
• Legacy Network Gateways
• Call logging and recording
• NG9-1-1 PSAP CPE
• SIP User Agents

The testing explored a greater detail of specification called for in the requirements in a variety of different “real world” situations focusing on call routing. Specifically, the following interactions and protocols were evaluated:

• Recursive and iterative LoST queries
• Multi-Hop routing cases involving a combination of a forest guide, state-level ECRF, and regional or local "leaf node" ECRF’s
• Default routing and error handling at the ECRF and ESRP level
• LIS based location validation utilizing an LVF in a variety of different scenarios
• Call logging and recording interaction

“GeoComm continues to support the initiatives of NENA through ICE participation and welcomes the on-going opportunity for industry collaboration. ICE events are an important element of validating our ECRF/LVF’s completeness and interoperability with other parts of the 9-1-1 system” stated John Brosowsky, GeoComm’s Director of Product Development.

More information on ICE4 can be found here or by contacting: Delaine Arnold – NENA Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) Testing Coordination Manager - 813.960.1698; Roger Hixson – NENA Technical Issues Director - 614.442.9110; Rick Jones – NENA Operations Issues Director - 815.519.7841.

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