Texas EMS providers to receive body armor

Fort Bend County EMS purchased 32 ballistic vests and helmets, enough to equip every working crew

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — An EMS agency purchased body armor for EMS providers to wear in dangerous situations.

KHOU reported that Fort Bend County EMS purchased 32 ballistic vests and helmets for $28,000, enough for every working crew to be equipped with the life-saving gear.

"Adding a level of protective equipment to our staff was essential,” Fort Bend County EMS Chief Graig Temple said. "The cost of not supplying it would be very severe if one of our providers should be injured on a call.”

Paramedic Alejandra Hernandez recalled an incident where the ballistic gear would have been used.

“We got called out. A husband beat his wife pretty badly,” she said.

Hernandez said the husband left the house, but later returned with a gun while they were treating the woman.

"Just kind of scary, you know?" Hernandez said.

Hernandez added that she now feels safer on the job.

"I think it just gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your job and taking care of the patient,” she said.


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