Users Review Digitech's Billing Platform

Kathy Price - EMS Director, Somerset Medical Center
“Digitech promised to be more than just our billers; they promised to be our subject matter experts, and they are. Somerset is now collecting 20% more revenue than when we were managing billing internally. We couldn’t be happier with Ambulance Commander®. It is easy to navigate and provides us with the capability to maximize our unit utilization. In fact, the system is so easy to use that we have been able to cross-train a number of clinical staff to assist Dispatchers when they are busy or even to cover when they are out."

Deputy Fire Chief Gary Ludwig - City of Memphis, Division of Fire Services
“Combining a higher level of care with the significant revenue increase provided by Digitech's EMS billing expertise really is a win-win situation for the citizens of Memphis."

William T. Greene - Vice President for Operations, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
“…the Digitech/New York Presbyterian* EMS collaboration is legendary at our Hospital as one of the most successful outsourced revenue enhancement projects. Prior to hiring Digitech, ambulance billing was done internally and our annual revenue was in the $2 to $3 million range. After Digitech’s first year the annual revenue climbed to approximately $6 million. Our own Internal Audit & Compliance department examined the success and confirmed that the improvement was attributed, to a large extent, to improved processes, enhanced technology and pure ambulance billing expertise.”

Stephen J. Sugrue - RN, CEN, Esq., St Vincent’s Midtown Hospital, New York, NY
“Not only did Digitech under-promise and over-deliver, they were scrupulous in their attention to detail in reporting the financial progress of our operation. I would highly recommend Digitech to any organization that values professionalism, experience and accountability in their billing partner.”

Patricia Squires - Executive Director, Stamford EMS
“Our audits focus on procedures for claims adjustments, refund processing, reporting for receivable control, etc, all of which we rely on Digitech to handle. SEMS and, by extension Digitech, passed with flying colors as described in our audit report. It’s important to us that our billing partner be invested in our success and in Digitech we feel we have found such a partner. I would recommend them highly as a professional EMS billing firm whose processes and expertise will stand up to regular scrutiny."

Michael J Moculski - EMT-P, CIC, Director, Pre-hospital Care, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, Bronx, NY
“In short, Digitech has helped us understand the details behind successful medical transportation billing which has helped us to deliver better services to our patients. I would recommend them highly to any organization looking for an experienced, professional and genuinely helpful business partner."

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