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Unified Solutions launches Truck Checks software for EMS Departments

PITTSBURGH - Unified Solutions announces the release of its easy-to-use Truck Checks software as part of its industry-leading EMS software suite. Unified Solutions Truck Checks is designed as part of a broader, single-point information management system that sets a new standard for EMS operations.

Unified Truck Checks is easily located on an intuitive home screen landing page that seamlessly integrates with other daily operational functions. The platform works on any PC, iOS, Android, or other devices and auto-syncs any information entered offline upon restoration of data connection. The platform is fast, easy to navigate, and is supported by industry-leading 24-hour customer support. Furthermore, Unified Solutions offers a dedicated customer liaison for each organization.

In addition to a simple beginning-of-shift truck check list, Truck Checks offers the following key features:

Frictionless, Integrated Service Requests
Truck Checks allow for customizable audits and analytics in addition to real-time maintenance requests to remove end user friction, maximizing efficiency while delivering trackable and actionable data points for fleet managers.

Customizable Inventory List
Truck Checks utilizes simple checkboxes, drop-down menus and is 100% customizable for unique inventory management requirements. Standard inventory templates which are easily modifiable are also available and are automatically stored upon completion.

Administrative Data and Accountability Controls
Administrative controls allow for easy data access to ensure safety, to observe assigned unit location, equipment readiness, accurate recordkeeping, and for evaluation of crew performance. Automatic time stamping and crew identification allows for accountability and post-incident auditability.

Truck Checks combines an intuitive, user-friendly platform to facilitate efficient workflow while providing actionable data to managers for improving performance, safety, and accountability.

To demo the application for free, visit:

About Unified

Unified Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative software company that focuses on the first responder community. They are currently in 27 states, many countries, multiple languages and expanding fast. They provide a comprehensive software suite including ePCR, Billing Services, Learning Management System, Transport Scheduling, Crew Scheduling, and more. Since their founding in 2014, they have worked to make software solutions faster, more accessible, easier-to-use, and more data-driven.