How this video can "Keep Yourself Safe"

5 tips to use this PPE safety video in EMS class

Updated July 27, 2015

"Keep Yourself Safe" is the latest EMS music video from FDNY Paramedic and recording artist Farooq Muhammad. The video lyrics and scenes are about personal safety and usage of personal protective equipment.

The video, that debuted earlier this month at EMS Today in Baltimore, was funded and produced by apparel vendor Blauer.

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I think the video production and message is outstanding. Paramedic Muhammad and Blauer showcase how social media can be used for entertainment and education.

Consider using the "Keep Yourself Safe" video in your EMT Basic or Refresher Class to:

1. Introduce and discuss different types of PPE.

Play the video from start to finish. Afterwards, ask students to identify the different PPE featured in the video. As each type is identified, discuss when it is indicated and how it is best used.

2. Match appropriate PPE to different patient types and interventions.

The video features several types of patient encounters. Ask students to select the best PPE for each patient.

3. Discuss assessment and treatment of different types of medical calls.

Continue each call past what is featured in the video. How would students continue treatment for the behavioral emergency? How would they assess and treat the patient with chest pain?

4. Create your own PPE video.

Instead of delivering the same old PPE lecture, challenge students, especially experienced EMTs, to create their own music video with the Keep Yourself Safe lyrics or their own lyrics. Share the videos with the rest of the class. Post the best videos to your school or department YouTube channel and Facebook page.

5. Invite an EMT or paramedic to give an online lecture to your class.

Paramedic Muhammad works in New York City and encounters some different hazards than I might in rural Wisconsin.

If you are in a rural area, invite a big city medic to appear in your classroom by Skype to discuss PPE in the urban environment. If you are in an urban area invite a medic from a rural environment to discuss some of their experiences and PPE needs when responding to farms, industrial sites, or wilderness environments.

How else can you use Keep Yourself Safe as an educational tool?

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