Ambulance windows smashed while providers on call

The windows of a West Midlands Ambulance Service rig were smashed while providers were inside a patient’s home

By EMS1 Staff

ENGLAND — A West Midlands Ambulance Service vehicle was attacked, its windows smashed, while emergency providers were inside a patient’s home.

BBC reported that members of the WMAS were attending to a patient who had called for help due to breathing difficulties.

Members of the crew were outraged, particularly since the ambulance was on a call at the time of the incident.

“Whoever did this could clearly see it was responding to an emergency,” Nathan Hudson, a member of the ambulance service, said. “What if it had been on the way to one of their family members or rushing a loved one to a hospital?”

Due to the damage, another ambulance had to be dispatched to the location to transport the patient, and the service said the damage could cost hundreds of dollars.

Hudson said CCTV from the ambulance is being transferred to the West Midlands Police.


Ambulance attacked whilst responding to 999 emergency - Friday 29th March 2019 – 11am – Jamie Arrowsmith. Ambulance...

Posted by Officialwmas on Friday, March 29, 2019


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