Teen cardiac arrest survivor raising money for AEDs

Caleb Perkins, 18, is working with his family to raise awareness about CPR and AEDs

By EMS1 Staff

RICHFIELD, Ohio — A teenager who suffered a cardiac arrest last year is now working to buy AEDs for his high school.

In 2016, Caleb Perkins, 18, collapsed during track practice. An athletic trainer used an AED to shock his heart and save his life, according to FOX8.

Perkins is working with his family and the Cleveland Clinic to raise money to buy AEDs for his high school. The project aims to collect $16,000 that will fund eight AEDs.

Previously, Perkins started his own fundraising effort and raised enough money to fund five more AEDs for the school.

Perkins and his family hope to take their efforts nationally.


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