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Mom wins AED for school after son’s death at hockey practice

In addition to creating the 4AlecFoundation to raise awareness for undetected heart disease, Stephanie Kornet also won a national contest by sharing her son’s story

By EMS1 Staff

LYNDHURST, Ohio — A mother whose son died of sudden cardiac arrest while at hockey practice won an AED for his high school’s workout facility by sharing her son’s story.

Fox8 reported that Stephanie Kornet had no idea her son, Alec, had a heart condition before he collapsed at the age of 17.

Kornet and her husband, Scott, created the 4AlecFoundation to raise awareness about undetected heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest, and recently won a national contest for an AED by sharing Alec’s story on Facebook.

“I got over 17,000 views on it and GotAED donated the AED to the 4AlecFoundation, and we in turn turned it over to the high school,” she said.

“When he passed, there was a huge void in the building, both with our student body and our staff. And one way of giving back to the Kornet family was to partner with them in helping heart awareness and early detection of heart issues,” Brush High School principal Karl Williamson said.

The AED is now available at the high school for anyone who might need it.

“It’s imperative to have a machine available to help us do CPR and implement, if necessary, resuscitate of the heart, if necessary, to save a life. And with Alec passing, it’s hit home to Brush real close,” Williamson said.