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EMS Poem: A prayer of reflection

“What drives us to do what we do?”


AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

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By Lucinda Ramsey

What drives us to do what we do?
It certainly isn’t the hours or the pay,
and I doubt you could credit the ease of the job.
So, why do we do this?

What is our motivator for constantly exposing ourselves,
to fear, pain, anger and death?
Who in their right mind intentionally puts themselves
into the tragedies of total strangers?

What is it that moves us to keep reaching
out to those in need?
To be willing to provide that vital extension
at the end of desperation’s rope?

By what grace are we able to carry on in life?
Shouldering our own burdens while helping others
wade through theirs, without being pulled under.
Keeping our heads above the pounding sea of pain
and raging emotions we must face.

Someone said to me recently,
that miracles often come not in the specific manner we sought,
but in the ability to find the strength and perseverance
to come through the most difficult of circumstances.

Could it be that we simply
receive an extra portion of that blessing?
A gift given to us with expressed intent that
we turn around and share it with others?

Is this what gives us the desire
to pull the fallen back onto their feet?
To steady them and brace them until
they are able to anchor themselves and hold tight?

I can find no other reason, no better explanation.
I am honored to be entrusted with such a crucial purpose,
to be driven to pass on the blessings I have received.

Pour into me your peace, Father, and give me the
strength to share it with those in need.