Off-duty EMT saves newlywed who broke neck on honeymoon

Nikki Lewis, who has been in the hospital for nearly two months after breaking her neck in Hawaii, thanked EMT Chad Harkins for saving her

DALLAS — An EMT was reunited with a newlywed he saved while he was on vacation after she broke her neck on her honeymoon.

FOX4 News reported that Arizona EMT Chad Harkins was vacationing in Maui and relaxing on the beach when newlywed Nicki Lewis’s head was slammed into the sand by a large wave.

Lewis was paralyzed after her neck was broken in two places.

“There were four- to eight-foot waves slamming into the back of us,” Lewis’s husband, Will, said. “We were trying to protect her from that cause you know she was clearly paralyzed.”  

Harkins jumped into action and helped save Lewis, who said it’s because of “his skill in taking care of my neck” that she might be able to walk again.

Lewis spent nearly two months in the hospital in Hawaii before she was able to return home to Dallas, where she is recovering at a rehabilitation center.  

Harkins was able to see Lewis again at a surprise reunion planned by Will.

The EMT recalled to Nicki that he could tell in her eyes she was paralyzed at the time of the incident.

“Your eyes just said a million words and expressions at one time,” he said.

The newlywed couple said they plan to go on another honeymoon after Lewis is fully recovered, but they don’t plan to go back to Hawaii.


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