Medics help man with injury, finish his yard work

Two paramedics assisted a man who had fallen off a ladder while cleaning his roof and gutter; they then went back to finish his job

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Two Mehlville paramedics are being recognized for going above and beyond for a man who fell off a ladder and broke his leg.

The man was cleaning the leaves from his roof and gutter when he fell, Fox 2 Now reported.

After medics John Grass and Matt Runge transported him to the hospital, they went back to the man’s house to finish the cleaning the gutters.

"He had a pretty bad injury.  We thought 'hey, let’s go back there, finish the job, finish doing his leaves for him' and give him a little surprise when he came home," said Runge.

An off-duty firefighter who was driving by stopped to help.

"We ran out of bags. One of the off-duty guys saw us working and brought over a tarp and trailer and made it easier … just in time too, because we caught another call right when we were finishing up," Grass said.

Mehlville Fire Protection District Chief Brian Hendricks said the members of the department are known for more than saving lives.

Medics and firefighters of the 130-member department have raked leaves, changed tires, shoveled snow, and even visited an elderly woman because she was lonely.

"We like to think we can build a fireman, but we can’t build that character that people just inherently have. These two gentlemen, they have that character," Hendricks said.

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