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Letter from the Editor: An introduction

I’m excited to lead the EMS industry’s top news and information website into new territory

“You want more exposure? You should start writing for,” Kris Kaull, co-founder, stated to me at the 2008 NAEMSE Symposium instructor social in St. Louis, Mo. many years go.

We had only met a few minutes before. I had just shared my elevator pitch – creation and distribution of training programs for emergency responders – as well as my desire to be better known in the EMS industry.

That conversation was the start of a long relationship with as a columnist, contributor, reader, and fan. Six years later I am excited to become the Editor-in-Chief of I am looking forward to this great opportunity to turn the spotlight on the many outstanding professionals in EMS that contribute articles, read and share our EMS news and videos, and engage with one another on our social channels.

As the Editor-in-Chief of I am specifically looking forward to:

  • Ensuring our original content and shared news sets a tone that reflects our deep dedication and commitment to EMS, in all its service model forms and staffing configurations.
  • Growing the breadth and depth of original content for our diverse EMS readership. is the leading destination for students, educators, leaders, volunteers and paid professionals, and the vendors, associations, and organizations that support EMS.
  • Connecting readers with paramedics around the world through more frequent international EMS news and regular contributions from columnists working outside of the United States.

Educator, author, and marathon runner

For the last 4.5 years, in addition to contributing articles to and other EMS publications, I was the Director of Education for CentreLearn Solutions. I created and maintained hundreds of online continuing education courses for EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters. In that role, as well as my longtime position as the EMSEduCast podcast co-host, blogger, and frequent conference presenter I have built many wonderful relationships with columnists and contributors. I have contributed to the EMS profession as a member of NAEMT and NAEMSE committees, as an EMS World editorial advisory board member, and as a program committee planner for EMS Today.

My EMS career started with first aid and wilderness first responder training for my job as a leader and planner of wilderness expeditions at Camp Manito-wish YMCA. Those experiences made for an easy leap into EMT training and volunteering for the Boulder Junction (Wis.) Fire and EMS Department. In subsequent years and moves I became a paramedic and had stints with Plover Fire Department, Bell Ambulance, and Gold Cross Ambulance, as well as teaching for Mid-State Technical College and Wilderness Medical Associates.

Finally, many of you know me or will come to me as a runner. I am deeply committed to my own health and wellness through running (10+ marathon finishes), healthy eating, and plentiful sleep. As I have done with columns, Everyday EMS athlete blog posts, and the EMS Fitness Facebook group I will continue to share my fitness journey and provide inspiration and encouragement from other paramedics.

Contribute and connect

Many of our columnists and contributors, like me many years ago, want to share their experiences, tips, and resources with readers. Submit your news, share your events and announcements, and help us promote the best in EMS and the many opportunities for us to excel and grow as a profession.

I attend many tradeshows to visit with readers, connect face to face with columnists, and like you, learn about the latest clinical and product innovations. Make sure to say hello and you are always welcome to connect with me on Twitter @gfriese or LinkedIn.

Have any other ideas or suggestions for EMS1? Please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I look forward to working with all of you to elevate EMS and EMS1.

Greg Friese, MS, NRP, is the Lexipol Editorial Director, leading the efforts of the editorial team on Police1, FireRescue1, Corrections1 and EMS1. Greg served as the EMS1 editor-in-chief for five years. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree from the University of Idaho. He is an educator, author, national registry paramedic since 2005, and a long-distance runner. Greg was a 2010 recipient of the EMS 10 Award for innovation. He is also a three-time Jesse H. Neal award winner, the most prestigious award in specialized journalism, and the 2018 and 2020 Eddie Award winner for best Column/Blog. Connect with Greg on Twitter or LinkedIn and submit an article idea or ask questions with this form.

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