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Calif. off-duty paramedic, nurse aid man hit by car

A nurse and his wife, a paramedic, pulled over to the side of a highway after they saw a body in the road

By EMS1 Staff

SAN DIEGO — An off-duty and paramedic came to the aid of a man who was struck by a car Thursday.

The man was walking on a busy freeway when he was struck by a vehicle, who was then rear-ended by a second vehicle. Officials said it is unclear why the man was in the road.

A nurse and his wife, a paramedic, pulled over to render aid.

“My wife saw a body in the road, so we pulled up a little closer. We saw a guy sitting up and he had a bunch of injuries going on, bleeding,” Biran San Miguel, a nurse, told FOX5.

The man suffered moderate injuries and was transported to the hospital. There were no other reported injuries.

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