6 ways EMS has changed over the years

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EMS has come a long way in the last 40 or so years. After publishing a story about a retired paramedic reflecting on the past, we asked our readers to weigh in with the changes they’ve experienced in the field. Here are some of the best responses.

1. “Bullet proof vests and Ebola suits on the trucks.” — David Weaver

2. “I started out with a 1970 Chevy station wagon, a couple of boards for splints, and a suitcase full of bandages and Kotex …” — Randall Nelson

3. “I used to do so many nasal intubations before we had CPAP. So I guess CPAP is one and being able to transmit 12 leads to a receiving cardiologist is another!” — JD Gonzales 

4. “Going from a funeral home based service to an EMS based one. We were told not to try to save them as it brought a lower fee for the owners.”  — Jim Hickman 

5. “12 leads on trucks with Bluetooth to send them to cardiologists.” — RJ Naef

6. “Gloves. When I started in EMS gloves were for sissies. Nobody wore them, especially if you were starting an IV. Then you cut the fingertip off, which negated any protective factor.” — Michael Lockard


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