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Drew Johnson

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Drew Johnson was the editor of EMS1, and his contributions to the EMS1 editorial lineup focus on new EMS products, services, and technologies. A native of Oklahoma, Drew has previously written for both print and online media outlets on a wide range of topics, including finance, education, real estate, and politics.

The new MXP 150, which was unveiled at the FDIC in Indianapolis, boasts a range of innovative designs that are miles ahead of Demers’ previous design
The software is a data storage and tracking powerhouse, equally useful whether you’re working a single-car accident or a mass-casualty crisis
Ramedic has incorporated several design elements that most medics probably don’t even know they’re missing
Emergency Products and Research sought military feedback when it came to the new design of its ITD
New device is designed with the same material and vacuum technology as Hartwell’s line of semi-disposable vacuum splints
Company’s disposal system is based on the ‘disposal-by-mail’ model
By creating an audit trail every time the safe is opened, new system offers accountability and security