Therapy dog comforts Texas paramedics

The four-month-old goldendoodle is at the station Monday through Friday and always on call if needed

By EMS1 Staff

AMARILLO, Texas — In the EMS community, it is essential to have a support system — even if it’s in the form of a four-legged ball of fluff. 

Amarillo paramedics and EMTs have spent the last few weeks with their new therapy dog, Saydee, a four-month-old goldendoodle. 

“She’s had a big impact whether it’s the beginning of the shift or the end of the shift, the crews are just really excited to see her here,” Amarillo Medical Services Administrator Lauren Christie told News Channel 10

Saydee is at the station Monday through Friday and always on call if needed. The goldendoodle is hypoallergenic, does not shed and is known to do well in large groups of people. 

“You just see hardships for other people and you try not to take it home and you go home after the day and she’s just there putting a smile on your face,” paramedic Chelsea Ducheneaux said. “She warms up your heart so you can come back for another day and take care of people.”

Saydee is currently training for her Canine Good Citizen test; she can become a fully certified therapy dog once she is a year old. Once she’s certified, employees will be able to take her on ambulance demos and will be stationed in the back of the vehicle to comfort patients.

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