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Dallas Shooting

One chief tells how quarterbacking an MCI with police fatalities changed her professionally and personally
EMS leaders at Pinnacle Conference were briefed on Dallas Fire-Rescue and hospital response to the shootings
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A heartfelt image, viewed and shared by millions, informs civilians about the consequences of gun violence and that all lives matter to EMS providers
Although Officer Jorge Barrientos was shot in the hand, he worked to load fallen officers into patrol cars to transport them to the hospital
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Mourn the deaths of five Dallas police officers, but don’t lower your standards by responding emotionally to provocation
As we mourn the deaths of five Dallas police officers paramedics are reminded of the importance in being cautious, calm and conspicuous as caregivers
Agencies across Texas expressed their respect, condolences and solidarity with Dallas EMS and police
Chris Cebollero and Greg Friese, MS, NRP, discuss EMS MCI response lessons learned from protests turned violent in Ferguson and Dallas
Four shooters “planned to injure and kill as many officers as they could” during a protest and march in downtown Dallas