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Man impersonates EMT in attempt to free inmate

The man was wearing an EMT jacket and had police gear in his car when he attempted to pick up an inmate from a Massachusetts correctional institution

By O’Ryan Johnson
Boston Herald

GARDNER, Mass. — A man wearing an EMT jacket, with police gear in his car, is accused of impersonating a public official after he tried to pick up an inmate at North Central Correctional Institution in Gardner on Friday, authorities said.

William Lessor was arrested for impersonating a public official, the Department of Correction said in a statement. The inmate he was attempting to pick up had completed his state time, but was set to start serving a federal sentence.

“Department of Correction personnel were immediately suspicious of Mr. Lessor’s request and called State Police to investigate,” Department of Corrections said in a statement. “Following questioning by State Police the suspect was detained and a police search of his vehicle revealed handcuffs, a baton and other police items.”

The prisoner was transferred to federal custody and U.S. Marshals have that inmate in custody, the DOC statement said.

DOC did not identify the inmate.

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