Sexy CPR video goes viral, sparks controversy

The German video features scantily clad women changing the words of pop songs to teach CPR

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GERMANY — A German video is causing quite a stir for casting primarily female models in lingerie as first-aid workers.

The “First Aid Ladies Make First Aid Sexy” video has been shared more than 20,000 times just on Facebook. The video is a mashup of several pop songs with the lyrics changed to be about resuscitation, according to NBC. One of the songs the women are dancing to is Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” which had the lyrics changed to “Resuscitation, I know you want it.” The song’s taken its own heat for an array of issues, including criticism that it doesn’t promote consent before sex.

Models demonstrate chest compressions in a new video released by the Samaritan Workers Federation. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Some viewers took issue with the approach on social media.

“This is so sexist that I first thought it was a bad joke. But it is not,” wrote Anita Posch on Facebook. “In 2016 you should know the difference between empowering, sexy and sexist.”

The Samaritan Workers Federation (ASB) and German broadcaster Pro7/Sat1 produced the video to get more Germans to start chest compressions when someone suffers heart failure, ASB spokeswoman Alexandra Valentino told NBC News.

“We wanted to reach especially younger people, the target group of Germans up to age 25,” Valentino said.

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