Teen who charged Colo. school gunman dreams of becoming EMT

Joshua Jones, 18, was one of three teens who charged the gunman after he entered their classroom and detained him until help arrived

By EMS1 Staff

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Called a hero for his actions when a gunman opened fire at his school, 18-year-old Joshua Jones said the experience solidified his desire to become an EMT after graduation.

ABC News reported that Jones and two other boys rushed the gunman when he entered their classroom, saving untold lives.

“It was instinct after about the half second … because I wasn’t sure what was truly happening. It was confusing,” he said about his decision in the moment. “You know, you never expect that to happen at your school. So, when it does, it’s confusing and scary, but then you go for it.”

Jones and two friends, Kendrick Castillo and Brendan Bialy, ran towards the gunman and shoved him against a wall and then on to the floor. During the confrontation, Castillo was wounded, and Jones remained on top of the gunman, pinning him to the ground until police arrived.

Josh Lewis, a spokesperson for the family, said Jones had always wanted to become an EMT, “but now he’s certain.”

Castillo died from the injuries he incurred during the fight.

“Kendrick was a kind person,” Jones said. “He always had a kind word for someone. He loved his car, he loved his parents. It was evident that if you talked to him that he would, you know, help you out if you ever needed it. He was just a lovely person. He had so many plans for the future, too.”

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