Off-duty EMT rushes to help students after school bus crash

A school bus full of children rear-ended a garbage truck; luckily, EMT Kim Ison came upon the scene while driving her daughter to school

By EMS1 Staff

AURORA, Ind. — An off-duty EMT was the first on the scene after a school bus rear-ended a garbage truck.

WLWT reported that Kim Ison was driving her daughter to school when she came upon the crash scene.

Ison, an EMT for Moores Hill Fire & EMS, immediately called 911 and began rendering aid.

“This is Kim. I have a school bus that has rear ended a garbage truck, and the bus was full of kids. I have got kids sitting everywhere all over the road,” she said to the dispatcher. “Christy, the whole front of the bus is gone.”

Ison remained on the scene to wait for first responders, directing bystanders and checking on the children.

“I have a kid trapped in the front seat of the bus. He is alert and oriented. I can’t get to him,” she told the dispatcher. “Honey, can you feel your feet? He said he can feel his feet. They were gonna try to get him out, but I told him just leave him there.”

No fatalities were reported from the incident, a fact that shocked Ison.

“From the looks of the bus, I was just like, ‘How? How did that happen?’ The good Lord had to have been looking over them today,” she said. “I never want to see it again. It was the first, and I hope it’s the last.”

The crash is currently under investigation.


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