Off-duty Texas paramedic helps deliver sister's baby

Paramedic Amber Clemmons said she never expected the first baby she delivered would be her own nephew

By Laura French

MINEOLA, Texas — An off-duty Texas paramedic helped deliver her own nephew in an ambulance last week. 

Paramedic Amber Clemmons was with her sister Jessica Minter on Thursday night when Minter began having contractions three days before her due date, according to KLTV. The sisters called for an ambulance, and Minter's water broke before the EMS crew arrived. 

Clemmons said she knew the responding paramedics, who let her stay in the back of the ambulance to assist in the delivery if she was needed. She said an on-duty paramedic focused on the baby while she helped to keep her sister calm and provide an extra set of hands on the rig. 

Minter gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Maverick, in the ambulance before arriving at the hospital. 

"I've been a paramedic for almost seven years and I've always wanted to deliver a baby, but I never thought the first one would be my nephew," Clemmons told KLTV. 

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