Husband uses chainsaw to free wife in labor, get her to hospital

Mehrvarz Yavaliollah used the chainsaw to cut down a tree that had fallen in their doorway after Hurricane Irma

By EMS1 Staff

ATLANTA — A woman in labor and her husband could not get out of their home after Hurricane Irma knocked a tree in front of their door.

FOX News reported that Heather Yavaliollah went into labor inside their home, but she and husband Mehrvarz Yavaliollah were trapped until Yavialiollah grabbed a chainsaw from the shed and started cutting away.

“My wonderful neighbors saw me outside. They kind of knew the situation, so they started grabbing limbs as I was cutting them off and helped move them to the street. So very thankful to them,” Yavaliollah said.

The couple was able to make it to their truck, only for it to have problems starting. Eventually, the couple made it to the hospital and twin boys Stuart and Solomon were born a month earlier than their due date.


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