Man pretends to be paramedic, treats dying teen

Kevin Davis was arrested for treating a teen, who later died of a drug overdose, at an illegal rave

By EMS1 Staff

LONDON — A man who claimed he was a trained paramedic was arrested after treating a teen overdose patient who later died.

Birmingham Mail reported that Kevin Davis, 53, was offering EMS services with a company he ran called Pioneer Medical Solutions at an illegal rave in 2014.

Davis and two other colleagues treated a 15-year-old at the rave who had suffered an overdose. London Ambulance Service eventually took over, but the teen later died.

Davis was unable to provide proof that he was a qualified paramedic to police, who found forged certificates at Davis’ office saying he had qualified as a West Midlands NHS and had completed an ambulance driving training course.

Officer Helen Barling said Davis avoided questions about the incident for over a year.

"Davis said he did not receive any payment for providing medical care at the illegal rave but, as an unqualified IHCD ambulance technician, he should not have been supervising others treatment of patients,” Barling said.

Pioneer Medical Solutions was shut down after the incident, and Davis was recently sentenced to 29 months in jail.


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