Critically injured paramedic waiting to get prosthetic leg

Rory Barros was hit by a drunk driver while responding to a crash last August

By EMS1 Staff

WACO, Texas — A paramedic who has endured 16 surgeries after being hit by a drunk driver on duty last year is awaiting a prosthetic leg, so he can get back to work. reported that Rory Barros and his partner were preparing to leave the scene of a crash on Aug. 19 when a car came barreling toward them on the highway. Barros pushed his partner out of the way and took the full brunt of the hit and suffered  serious injuries and several fractures as a result of the incident.

"I remember sliding across the freeway and hearing all the grinding noises and everything stopped. And when everything stopped, I was just lying there," Barros said. "And then I just yelled, like 'Ahhh,' just yelled. Everyone started yelling my name and running to me."

After his 14th surgery, doctors determined that a leg amputation would be Barros' best option to be able to return to work and normal life.

Since returning home, Barros has gone through physical therapy in order to walk again and stand without help. His focus is getting back to work.

"I enjoy it. I enjoy it enough to get hit by a car and want to go back," he said.

He's currently waiting to get approved for a prosthetic leg. A fundraiser will be held April 29 to help raise funds for Barros.

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