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Paramedic shares video of car failing to pull over for ambulance

Paramedic Michael Blakemore said he hopes the video will encourage people to pay more attention on the road

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By Laura French

AUBURN, Maine — A Maine paramedic took out his cellphone and recorded a car failing to pull over for an ambulance in the hopes of bringing the common problem to the attention of more motorists.

Paramedic Michael Blakemore was in the rig responding to a call about a patient experiencing shortness of breath when the car in front of them failed to pull over for about four miles despite the sirens blaring right behind it, according to NEWS CENTER Maine.

Blakemore said the car never pulled over and they followed the driver up until they turned onto another road. He said similar incidents happen all the time, but usually not to the extent that he captured on camera last week.

The video was shared on Facebook and has more than 19,000 views. The paramedic says he hopes it will encourage people to turn down their music and pay attention so they are ready to pull over for an emergency vehicle when needed.

He also said he wrote down the car’s license plate and reported the incident to police.

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