Cops pull paramedic, patient away from ambulance seconds before explosion

Officials said the ambulance crashed after an EMT swerved to avoid a deer, and the ambulance was already on fire by the time police arrived

By EMS1 Staff

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Police were able to pull a paramedic and a patient away from a burning ambulance seconds before an explosion occurred.

WDRB reported that the ambulance crashed when the EMT driving swerved to avoid a deer, and it soon caught fire with oxygen tanks inside.

Wayne County Deputies Brandon Krofta and BJ Skaggs and Centerville Police Officer Adam Buckley jumped into action when they arrived after learning from the EMT that a paramedic and a patient were having trouble making it up an embankment to safety.

Less than a minute after helping the two to safety, the ambulance exploded.

"45 seconds, 30 seconds delay and we could have been down there at the ambulance," Skaggs said. "There was not really any thought of should we or should we not.”

The paramedic and EMT are recovering at home, but the patient later died.


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