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Good Samaritans help EMS crew after Conn. ambulance crash

Bystanders helped an EMT who was trapped underneath an ambulance after it was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light


HARTFORD, Conn. — A group of good Samaritans lifted an ambulance after it crashed to save an EMT who was trapped underneath.

WFSB reported that an AMR ambulance had just dropped off a patient when a vehicle ran a red light and crashed into the rig, causing it to hit another vehicle before landing on its side, according to police.

Bystander Odane White said he was on his way to work when he came upon the crash and “heard someone screaming.”

“Someone was underneath the ambulance and I quickly realized it was one of the (EMTs).”

White and a few other bystanders jumped into action and lifted the ambulance to free the EMT.

“It was really shocking to me the fact that he was trapped underneath,” White said. “I ran in and started trying to lift the ambulance up, and a few people gathered and tried to help.”

The EMTs were then transported to the hospital and released the next day in stable condition.

“In my head, I kept thinking this could be me or my brother so I just held it up until eventually we got him from underneath,” White said.

AMR released a statement about the incident, thanking the good Samaritans for their “heroic” efforts.

“The EMT’s and paramedics of AMR respond to emergencies for a living, it isn’t often that we find ourselves as the ones in need,” the statement said. “We are extremely grateful to the multiple bystanders that stepped into help in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Their actions were heroic.”

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