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Coast Guard actively searching for GMR transport plane

The Hawaii Life Flight fixed-wing plane went off radar last night with 3 crew members aboard



By Kerri Hatt

HONOLULU — The U.S. Coast Guard is actively searching for a Global Medical Response Hawaii Life Flight fixed-wing plane that went off the radar late Thursday night.

“At this point, here is what we know,” GMR posted. “The plane went off radar at 21:27 local time on December 15 as they were en route from Maui to Waimea Big Island. We have three team members and no patient on board. We are asking everybody to please pray that we find them safely.” The company noted they are in the process of notifying families.

The Honolulu Control Facility reported losing radar contact with the plane at 5,000 feet altitude about 15 nautical miles offshore of Hana, Maui, Hawaii News Now reported. The Coast Guard reported multiple aircraft and vessels have joined the search in the channel, which is known for strong winds and choppy ocean conditions.[0]=AZUH_t9mSV0r2EylADo5HNvBxIrIRx-S8Xqvn3X8Cxy_-FGN2wLKqTGcG09v0pkX-prxxjD6aRvQVSnOG41ykqv0VNSJ4LPY-x6MugFPMVvc9oVpxFpESMGvLD4p55fOpzchppNTDpistX2a-bPydxRjghtqjanzOfO6rXnDxKtGZg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Hawaii News Now quoted Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino, who said, “It’s dark and on the ocean the Coast Guard is working really diligently along with fire rescue and others that are out there at this moment in time, doing their best. And we’re praying that we find the people involved in this accident.”[0]=AZVmzXr0zUa5tR1lwuvhWGMphzl3OpQ1BoatURa0WecTeerXQgVIqo2-c5PwUCm61S-T6zh271BZVQruZZTg7q4vqkdvFduEHUglNHZDCRKIQ5I4KqkDOto9HLBfCllXS7-OG1StUAJGVu5mdxmN1YZPV4XQV0YnFIVVT_8gM_FuwA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R