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Danielle Cortes DeVito

EMS Public Relations

Danielle Cortes DeVito A.A.S. NREMT-P is a paramedic and has been featured on Access Hollywood, CNN, Fox news during her 20 years experience in emergency Medical services. She was the youngest Emergency Room Tech to work at Cook County Hospital’s ER , one of the busiest ER in the US. Moving on she worked at the Chicago Fire Department awarded the outstanding candidate award and the community commitment award. Danielle had the privilege to be on the Bike and Segway response paramedic team for George W. Bush and the Dalia Lama. Danielle is the national spokesperson for American Heart Association’s “Hands Only” CPR campaign. She is a member of the National Society of Safety Engineers and serves on Illinois and stroke advocacy committees. She is also a Hazmat tech and Lead EMS instructor. Danielle can be reached at

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