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Top 5 EMS heroes

We rounded up five of the top stories that show EMS providers going above and beyond the call of duty

A medic in Alabama showed incredible courage and a commitment to patient care when he refused to leave a man with a grenade lodged in his leg. A medic in Australia paid a woman’s parking ticket after he transported her mother and found out she later died.

These are two examples of what being a hero means in EMS. EMS1 featured many stories in 2014 that highlight how responders often go above and beyond the call of duty. Here are some of the inspiring stories that stuck with us throughout the year.

Medic refuses to leave patient with grenade lodged in leg

He ordered his crew out of the ambulance and stayed beside the patient as a bomb squad removed the explosive device from the man’s thigh.

Off-duty FDNY EMTs rush to aid shot cop

EMS veterans Khadija Hall and Shaun Alexander were off-duty when they heard shots and saw the officer down; they began treating him with their tech bag.

Miss. medic honored for saving partner’s life

EMT Jennifer Hesselbein: “Without his efforts and bravery, I can say that I would not be here today.”

Medic pays parking ticket for grieving daughter

He opted to pay the $129 upon finding the ticket in an ambulance after transporting the woman’s mother, who later died.

Dispatcher deciphers fake pizza order in domestic abuse call

He at first thought it was a prank, but soon put the situation together and sent responders to her home.

AMR officials named a training room in honor of Linda “Matt” Netski and decorated the walls with phrases she famously says, including “park and push”
“She was possibly going to go off the road, hit another car, another person, or worse,” said Josh Milne with Gilbert Fire and Rescue
Social media discussions have included CPR best practices, information on cardiac care and expressions of pride in the industry