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Celebrating EMS Week 2023 – Day 4: EMS for Children Day

This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients

Welcome to Wednesday – EMS for Children Day!

Today, we focus on the distinctive physiological and psychological aspects of caring for children, highlighting the need for improving pediatric emergency care in prehospital and acute care settings.

Children are not miniature adults; they require a unique approach to medical care due to their evolving physiology, developmental stages and specific emotional needs. This day serves as an important reminder to raise awareness about the challenges faced by EMS professionals on these calls and the ongoing efforts to improve pediatric emergency care.

Check out our “EMS Week – Day 4” video and take a look at the resources we’ve compiled for EMS for Children Day. Be sure to share this collection with your colleagues and on your social channels to spread awareness!

Pediatric skills training

One of the key aspects of pediatric emergency care is understanding the physiological differences between children and adults. Our resource guide features articles and guidelines that delve into the unique anatomy, vital sign interpretation and medication dosing for pediatric patients.

Pediatric clinical cases