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Samantha Hilker

Samantha Hilker is the founder of Hilker Project & Strategy Management, LLC, a lover of books and favors a facilitative leadership style. She believes the future of EMS resides in our ability to build relationships, work together and play nice in the proverbial sandbox. She is a licensed paramedic in the state of Wisconsin, and her passion for patient care is still a driver for her personally and professionally. She has held positions as a paramedic, supervisor, staff development manager and project manager. Hilker has successfully led and managed organizational change, process improvement and public engagement efforts. After finishing her master’s degree in organizational leadership, she started her own company with a goal of helping more EMS and healthcare organizations strengthen their leadership teams, effectively share their stories and better engage the communities they serve.

A 911 communications center displays a lifesaver ring as a visual reminder of the purposeful work dispatchers do for their communities