Top 10 rules of the road for new medics

Learn from the best while establishing your bedrock of clinical progression

Is there a more daunting time than those first few shifts as a new paramedic? Yes, clinical knowledge and operational knowledge are key, but how are new medics supposed to synthesize this mountain of information? [At the end of this article, download the 10 Rules of the Road for New Medics]

In this episode of the MCHD Paramedic Podcast, Montgomery County Hospital District Medical Director Dr. Casey Patrick is joined by Cpt. Michael Wells-Whitworth to discuss some rules of the road for new paramedics.

From timeless career success tips, like being on time, to treating colleagues with respect, to EMS-specific guidance on connecting with patients and scripting patient handoffs, these tips will help any new recruit to master their first shifts and to work their way through their organization’s protocols. 

“Not everything in that book is in your purview when you start; you’re going to have a graduated level of advanced responsibility,” Dr. Patrick explained. “You may not be able to intubate on day one, but you need to know how the BSI protocol works so you can set up properly. If you don’t know the protocol, how can you prepare?”

With these tips, establish the bedrock of your clinical progression; so you’re ready to be a good partner, and progress to the next level.


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